5 Incredible ways you never knew to use your Smartphone and the camera

A person who is isn’t a professional photographer carries a digital/ SLR (single lens reflex) camera anymore because there is no need.

A Smartphone has in the market offers lens sharper with clear resolution than ever.  Some Smartphone comes with multiple lenses as well. Most of the journalist uses the smartphone camera to take pictures. iPhone and other phones with advanced clarity and resolution are used to shoot the entire film.

Certain apps allow using the camera more efficiently, not just for regular picture taking but many more.

Phone can absorb the visual information and use it for everyday task. The phone can now help to learn the phone number.

If your Smartphone search is restricted to making calls, better ways are there. Apps along with a camera offer several features, which a digital camera cant.

With Smartphone camera you can learn foreign languages, solve math problems and maintain/track shopping list.

Top powerful ways to use Smartphone camera:

  1. Visual search engine: Not just regular search engine, just search pictures or snap photos. Camfind is an app available both on Android and iPhone (iOS) to search. Camfind is similar to image search websites but helps make video search easy and practical on phone.
  2. Amazon, eBay: Just search for the scan code, product picture or barcode, it will pull up the description of the product you are looking for with most of the details
  3. Scan QR code: You can use authenticator like Authy, Google authenticator or secureauth. All these apps are useful for two-way authentication, works on several websites, much easier than remembering the answers to the security questions. Secureauth, the app allows using VPN (virtual private network), best to connect into an office network and work from home. It is convenient if you forget the VPN token key. Scan QR code allows using line, WhatsApp, Viber to use as a web application.
  4. Solve a math problem: Photomath app, allows you to take pictures of tough equations and upload and it offers a solution to a complex math problem.
  5. Start up the Google Translate app, tap on the camera icon, and point the camera lens at what you’re trying to translate. It will display the changed text right on the screen.

If you get missed call or got a call from number, you don’t recognize, just use 5 methods

  1. Google: Just type the number in google search and it will help you get up the details.
  2. Zabasearch: If you don’t find any information just use Zabasearch, it’s a huge online database for personal information. Zabasearch as an option ” reverse phone lookup”, help finding location, and even full background check.
  3. Social media- Facebook, just type number in facebook search box, this lets you find the person if you have the number associated within their profile
  4. Search username:  If you remember or know the username and want the phone number, just search it with their username. It is common, online user profile and usernames are often associated with the phone number/Google voice number.
  5. AnyWho:  Allows lookup and easy way look into yellow sections in the app, makes it very handy


Credits: Foxnews


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