About Us

WHAT IS News Release India?

News Release India is not just another website on the internet. News Release India is not about boring articles reeking of information which is hard to grasp. News Release India is a community; for all who’d like to join in to experience the world’s exquisite variety, encompassing all that is there to know about. While there is a stigma of giving the people what they want, we make sure that this community maintains its sanity and provides only quality work. There is a lot to gain, a lot to share; a lot to learn, for all that’s there.

WHAT TO LOOK OUT FOR AT News Release India?

We have absolutely no restriction on content. We offer you everything ranging from food to travel, creepy to attractive, disgusting to beauty, technology to history, modern to ancient. The only check on quality we run is something we leave up to you; people of this community. Profanity and cheap innuendos are not really what aim to achieve, but a subtle dirty pun isn’t something we would miss out on. To this we make a promise; we will never disappoint you.


We are an entertaining company whose main aim is, to sum up, the internet. Yes, Internet is a huge sad place, to be honest, where everything you touch might turn into gold and everything you read might turn out to be shit. But here at News Release India, we will always provide you with the first-hand news and the trending topics that are dominating the internet. In other words, we will bring out the best of the internet. We post only what’s worth posting. From awareness to updates, humour to horror, reality to fiction, we will sum it up all. Be ready to read things which you won’t be coming across on the daily pages. Yes, we might not post the mainstream silly Kim Kardashian content to grab your attention but if we find that Jesse Pinkman was almost killed in the sets or Napoleon was once attacked by a bunch of cute, wild rabbits then we will definitely post about it. We may sound quirky at times but we make sure that our content does not hurt anybody’s sentiments or feelings or beliefs. We believe in the freedom of expression, keeping in mind how far that line can extend. This is your website. We exist because you do and we aim to please. So, keep surfing and check in on us. We hope we can stretch a smile across your pretty face. You can also join our team and write with us. Enthusiastic writers are always welcomed.

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