Australian deputy prime minister resigns after caught up in sex scandal

Deputy Prime minister- Australia

Barnaby Joyce, Australia’s deputy prime minister resigned on Friday after being undermined by a sex scandal.  Barnaby, the leader of the rural-based Nationals Party, told in a media event to reporters that a sexual harassment complaint against him that have emerged publicly, have convinced him that his position was politically indefensible.

A lot of cases, like Harvey Weinstein and other politicians sex scandals exposed in past, have triggered a ban on sex between government ministers and their personal staff and a national debate over exposing politicians’ bedroom behavior.

The complaint was adding on to the pressure that Joyce had an extramarital relationship with his former press secretary had and are expecting a baby. This was a revealed three weeks ago

Barnaby has been considered as ruddy-faced and an unconventional politician leader, who once threatened Johnny Depp to euthanize (kill with injection) his pet dogs for entering in Australia without permission.

Joyce had always presented himself as a family man devoted to his spouse with 4 daughters in 24 years of marriage.

The rumors widespread that before having an affair with this woman she was a journalist and once the affair started, she joined Joyce’s political staff.

Joyce is 50-year-old having an affair with a 33-year-old woman. The newspaper published pictures of a woman pregnant walking down the streets with a baby bump.

Joyce tried to support rally that politician’s lives should remain private and media should not pry into the individual’s personal life.

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, was shocked at Joyce’s behavior because Joyce introduced a rule prohibiting sexual relations between ministers and their personal staff, a decision that became prime agenda into the global #MeToo movement.

Deputy Prime minister- Australia

    Deputy Prime minister- Australia

Joyce seemed determined to keep his position and said he’s innocent with three weeks of negative publicity and open tension with Malcolm Turnbull.

But a woman had complained against Joyce to the Nationals Party, which is in a pact with the Liberal Party, that he had sexually harassed her led Joyce to resign. However, the woman name and identity are unknown.

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