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” Thullikku oru kudam pemary ” – Flooding in Kerala

Malappuram: “Thullikku Oru Kudam Pemari” – ( Malayalam proverb which means   – one drop of rainwater is sufficient to fill one pot )) Kerala has seen the worst flooding after  Flooding 99.  This flooding is known as  ” flooding 99″ because it happened in Malayalam year 1099, ( 1919 ).  Flooding 99 was worst because, even Munnar, the palace blessed with natural beauty which is located at a height around 6000 feet was also hit by this flooding.

The death toll has raised to 89 within the span of 45 days and a loss of material worth 192 crore rupees was reported.  The districts of   Ernakulam, Kottayam, Idukki & Trichur was badly hit by the rain. Many places had landslides.  Road and rail transportation was badly disturbed.

Kerala Flood

All the dams are filled and rivers are flowing with full fury.  The State Police, Fire force, and even the armed forces are engaged in rescue and helping the diseased.  Around 200 relief camps are operated and around 41000 people are shifted to rescue homes.

The places from Munnar to Kuttanad isolated.

Alapuzha – 25000 people were moved to the relief camp.  Around 50000 people were in trouble due to the heavy rain.  77 houses were damaged partially.

Kottayam – 8577 people were shifted to 104 relief camp.   60 people were rescued from Ettumanoor.

Ernakulam – 4681 people from 1489 families are in relief camps. The dead body of 4 months old elephant calf was found floating near Karumalur bridge.

Pathanamthitta – 64 relief camps are operated and 1628 people from 334 families are shited.

Idukki – Landslide at Vazhathope panchayat.   Many houses were damaged due to cyclone at Naissery,  Karimannur, and Peringassery.   No casualties were reported yet.   Road transportation could not be restored in NH 183.

The districts of Kottayam,  Idukki,  Ernakulam,   Palakkad, and Malappuram received more rain than the normal were as Thrissur and Kasarahode reported less than the normal.

Kerala has received rainfall of 1327.6 mm against the normal of 1096.7, which is 21% more in 2018.  Let us have a quick look at the rain received at different places from 0 June to 18 July 2018 :


District 2018 rainfall ( mm ) normal  ( mm ) more / less
Trivandrum 484.1 481.4 1%
Kollam 811.4 699.5 16%
Kottayam 1507 1025 47%
Pathanamthitta 1034.6 898.1 15%
Alapuzha 1023.2 929.7 10%
Idukki 1639.5 1124.3 46%
Ernakulam 1576.9 1113.1 42%
Thrissur 1154.3 1187.7 -3%
Palakkad 1221.1 827 48%
Malappuram 1429.4 1147.2 25%
Kozhikode 1742.3 1478.3 18%
Kannur 1587.8 1510.7 5%
Kasaragod 1439.7 1660.8 -14%
Wayanad 1581.6 1381.9 14%

Source – Wheather Forecast Centre Trivandrum



Rahul Gandhi’s ‘Reliance’ Jibes Over Rafale Deal Ignore Threat to Sue by Anil Ambani’s Company

Rahul Gandhi's 'Reliance' Jibes Over Rafale Deal Ignore Threat to Sue by Anil Ambani's Company

New Delhi /16-November-2017 (News release India) : France has rejected the Congress’s allegation that the Narendra Modi government negotiated an overpriced deal for 36 state-of-the-art Raphael fighter jets .

despite legal threats from reliance defense the Congress Leader Rahul Gandhi accusations of crony capitalism now the government has dismissed the charges .

the Kiryas cabinet commissioned him to grab the Congress karate basket the big Congress here are some discussion Congress of Madinah Geass karate or Whitaker say a view employee about regard an American IPA in neurological damage in some equipment return .

yesterday Reliance defense threatened to halt the Congress to court for its allegations according to reliance government policy issued on the 24th of June 2016 allows for 49% FDI in the defense sector under the automatic route without any prior approval no approvals from the union cabinet or the Cabinet Committee on security were required .

the deal also found support today from the air chief there is no controversy on what is the controversy I family no it is not over price I think we have no the call went to government to government there the government .

keeping the politics aside has India gotten a bad deal well in March last year Qatar announced a deal for $24 for 6.7 billion euros India’s deal for 36 jets announced in September that year is cheaper seven point eight billion euros for 36 fighters .

the Congress says in 2012 the saw had agreed to transfer technology to India so that Hindustan Aeronautics could manufacture more than a hundred fighters in India but the counter-argument is strong the UPA never managed to close out the deal with France the so refused to certify certain key components to be built by Hindustan Aeronautics and there was no consensus on the per unit cost of manufacture in India .

according to the Congress if the original deal went through each fighter would cost eighty point nine five million dollars they say the cost of each aircraft now is coming to two hundred and forty-one point six million dollars which is an insurmountable loss so what’s the truth well the original deal was negotiated at 2012 rates the present deal has been negotiated at 2016 rates the original deal was for a hundred and twenty six jets the higher the numbers the lower the price now it’s a direct purchase from France the old deal didn’t include the cost of weapons and modifications the aircraft being acquired come with state-of-the-art missiles and spare support for seven years the first Jets arrive in 2019 .

Akhilesh yadav slashes BJP and yogi adityanath

Akhilesh yadav slashes BJP and yogi adityanath

Lucknow /23-september-2017 (News release India) – Former State Chief Minister and Samajwadi Party (SP) chief Akhilesh Yadav on slashed on the Yogi Adityanath-led BJP government in Uttar Pradesh and said that current government not only lacks vision but also has no agenda for development for the state.

Akhilesh Yadav was here for Addressing the 8th state convention of the SP.

he also added that the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has no issue at the moment but cautioned party workers that they are capable of drumming a new issue at the time of the election.

Akhilesh Yadav was welcomed by large crowd of supporters and party workers at lucknow, S.P Chief Akhilesh yadav also said that the biggest state of the country has now got a “government of lies.”

He keep alleging CM Yogi and further accused that current government is Full of lies in form of a White Paper against previous governments.

he also said that Yogi government was anti-development all the time and also that all developmental projects initiated in the SP rule had come to a grinding halt to aim their personal political interest.

He also replied on allegations on him where he said that Samajwadi Party is capable of responding to each and every accusation but the BJP government should explain that when we made the Agra-Lucknow Expressway in record 23 months, what have they done so far in the first six months of their regime

Adding more to that he said that if his party were in the power the Ballia Expressway would also have been fast-tracked.

Akhilesh Yadav also questioned the Yogi Adityanath government for their policies for the farmers on the loan waiver promise. Accusing the BJP for saying that the Lucknow Metro as the dream of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Yadav replied that world knows that Lucknow Metro was the dream project of Samajwadi Party and when we were in rule the project was done with first phase.

Samajwadi Party’s this move came when Prime minister Modi is in Varanasi on his two day visit of his constituency where he already has launched many projects worth thousands of crores.

Congress question PM’s bullet train project

Congress question PM’s bullet train project

Ahmedabad :The Congress leader Mallikarjun Kharge on Thursday questioned Prime Minister Modi on his dream project of India’s first Bullet Train and asked PM’s economic viability.

Congress leader Mallikarjun Kharge said while talking to media here, he further added that, There is no reason why he chosed Ahmedabad as foundation of the India’s first Bullet train while he had an option of Mumbai which is the financial capital of India.

He further alleged PM that he chosed Ahmedabad just to impress people of Gujarat  so that he could win the upcoming assembly election of the  state.

He keep put his allegations over PM and BJP, he further stated that Bullet train has more stop between Ahmedabad and Mumbai than Rajdhani Express Which clearly shows that he is just trying to fool the people

In reply to question where he was asked whether he is against the project, he said that neither he nor his party is against the any project or development but there should be any motive and we don’t see any motive here. If every day 1 lakh people will travel through Bullet Train then only it will be called profit otherwise it is totally loss

Kharge who is also a MP further added that the project cost was told 1,10,000 crore earlier and now but after 4 to 5 years it will cost 1,30,000 crore.

Kharge further asked PM Modi that how claimed that it will benefit to poor people when normal fare will cost up to 2,000 to 5,000. Which even not suitable for middle class family. While there are many cases happened of derailing in recent past. PM should think about them.

Kharge also added that United Progressive Alliance (UPA) had planned to join Ahmedabad with Pune via Mumbai through bullet train and the ruling National Democratic Alliance (NDA) government just removed Pune from that project.

Bullet train project has just began today after Visit of Japanese Prime minister Shinzo Abe’s visit to Ahmedabad, this bullet train will join Ahmedabad and Mumbai and project will also had deadline of 5 years to get completed in which Japan will provide technology.

Home Minister rajnath singh on visit of jammu and kashmir

Home Minister rajnath singh on visit of jammu and kashmir

Jammu Kashmir : Home minister Rajnath Singh is currently on visit of Kashmir where he declared that as he has came up with open mind so anyone who can help to solve problem of State can come up with their views.

Some government Officials have said that around 24 delegations of social, trade, travel and business organisations from the Kashmir Valley called on the Home Minister Rajnath Singh,

Party is saying that visit of Rajnath Singh is follow-up to the prime minister’s Independence Day speech in which he had said that bullets will not resolve the problem of people of the region.

Here various representatives like travel agents, hotels and restaurants owners, and shikara and houseboat associations met the home minister.all these businesses have seen notable downfall since situation has been became tragically wrong in Kashmir.

Apart for these delegation, Home Minister Rajnath Singh also met with delegations representing different religious community which included Kashmiri Pandits, Sikhs, Shias, Gujjars, Bakarwals and Paharis who lives in Kashmir since long.

Some Fruit growers and self-employed women of Kashmir also met the home minister to put their views.

According to officials, These meets lasted 3 hour long. In between Rajnath Singh also reviewed progress report of the implementation of the recently declared Rs 80,000-crore Prime Minister’s Development Package for Jammu and Kashmir.

In a review meet, Home minister was told that Centre had already sanctioned Rs 62,599 crore among which 78 per cent of the package amount is been used and released Rs 22,000 crore.

In the meeting State CM Mehbooba Mufti was also present along with deputy Nirmal Singh, state chief secretary B B Vyas and some officials from the Union home ministry.

Giving Report on PMDP, Officials has said that total cost of 63 projects under the PMDP is Rs 80,068 crore which includes assistance for rehabilitation of flood-affected people from which Rs 1,200 crore was given for that purpose and the project is complete now.

The PMDP was announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 7 November 2015 during his visit to state which covers 63 projects pertaining to 15 Union ministries.

Is BJP’s reshuffle move is for political hold in purvanchal

Is BJP’s reshuffle move is for political hold in poorvanchal

NEW DELHI: In recent PM modi has done big changes in his ministries under reshuffling he does every year. This time reshuffle  reiterated BJP’s continuing political focus on ‘Poorvanchal’ that covers eastern UP and western Bihar. Both the region are currently come Under SP and BSP, the focus of BJP was always on western and central Uttar pradesh.

BJP has Inducted Shiv Pratap Shukla in the Union ministry Who is basically from Gorakhpur, from where, current UP CM Yogi Adityanath also belongs to. Gorakhpur and neighbouring Varanasi, which is the constituency of PM Modi, shows BJP’s political eastern shift to hold these region as well.

In recent rejig, three eastern Uttar pradesh representatives has got communication portfolio as   Independent Mos which are  R K Singh from buxar,  Ashwini Choubey from buxar,  from Gorakhpur Shiv Pratap Shukla as mentioned.From Ghazipur MP Manoj Sinha

Along with this ex-Cabinet minister Mahendra Nath Pandey of Chandauli was given chair of UP BJP head after his resignation from minister post due to reshuffling. His appointment as UP BJP head made new political halo within the state. It also confirms that BJP is now targeting Poorvanchal region as it accounts for 170-180 assembly seats and 20-22 Lok Sabha seats.

All the four cities Varanasi, Ghazipur, Arrah and Buxar are connected by the Ganga,on which PM Modi’s dream project Namami Gange is going on. For that he made Uma Bharti to responsible and gave her special Ministry. But PM was not happy with the progress of project which led Uma Bharti to resign from her Ministry.

BJP has always faced many challenges when it comes to Poorvanchal region where party hasn’t shown any progress since long for which BJP seems to have plan and working on it after adding multiple ministers from Poorvanchal region in his cabinet expansion.

Recently, BJP has gone through its third ever reshuffling where old cabinet ministers have resigned from their ministerial posts. PM modi has given chances to new faces includes ex-Bureaucrats like IAS,IPS and IFS and some dynamic party faces.

BJP also upgraded some ministers as Piyush Goyal is given Railway Ministry and Defense Ministry went to Nirmala Sitharaman.

New Home minister to introduced in Karnataka

New Home minister to introduced in Karnataka

BENGALURU: Karnataka congress has appointed former transport minister Ramalinga Reddy as the new home minister. After 7 month tenure completion of current home minister in Siddaramaiah government.

Ramalinga will be the third home minister so far in last five year  in the Siddaramaiah government, after the Sudden leave of K J George due to linked controversies with him. Later on George was replaced by KPCC president G Parameshwara in 2016.

However, Parameshwara was forced to resign on account of the Congress high command rule of having one man, one post under which he can not be KPCC president and state home minister at the same time.

Later on Friday, after the entry of the three new faces in the Siddaramaiah cabinet, the chair of home minister was given to Reddy.

Reddy is a four-time MLA from BTM, he will now be responsible with the  job of managing the law and order in the Karnataka, along with new home minister the transport department has been also handed to new minister and MLC H M Revanna.

Revanna is also belongs to Bangalore, he will try to prove himself in the department which was managed by Reddy earlier.

excise department being given to MLC R B Thimmapur, who was elected from the Assembly in 2016 all the allocation are being seen as a balance the caste combination in the Congress government In the state.

Earlier dalit leader Thimmapur was a minister in the SM Krishna government as a planning and statistics minister, which is now under M R Seetharam who belongs to upper cast.

With the entry of Thimmapur and Revanna, now cast equation in cabinet can be seen equal.

bigger portfolio of Co-operation to former Small Scale Industries minister of the state Ramesh Jarkiholi  previously run by late H S Mahadev Prasad.

After the death of Prasad, and the subsequent election in 2017 and his wife was  Mohan Kumari inducted in party soon she will get portfolio of sugar.

No opposition has commented anything on this recent changes nor any Congress official has came out and spoken on this change in cabinet.

Chhattisgarh Government will pay paddy bonus to farmers

Chhattisgarh Government will pay paddy bonus to farmers

Chhattisgarh : The Chhattisgarh Raman government tried to make angry state farmers calm in the state by announcing that government will give Paddy bonus of Rs 300 per quintal for the year 2016-17.

The announcement also included that the bonus would be distributed in multiple instalments by government itself. Chief Minister Raman Singh said At the state BJP head office that the bonus will be distributed before Diwali which will benefit 13 lakh farmers of the state.

The issue of the paddy bonus and a minimum support price for farmers has became one of the most critical issue for the state government while on opposition also allege Raman singh government for not taking proper care of farmers.

Opposition also says that BJP has shown manifesto for agricultural sector but in recent months BJP has shown that it doesn’t care about farmers of the state. Opposition also accused chhattisgarh government on their “Anti farmer policies”

Before that at an event in the Indira Gandhi Agriculture University, Chief Minister Ran Singh was questioned by farmers’ groups  which led CM to leave the programme early.

On the other day the BJP called a meeting of all MLAs and MPs from the state, where it was decided that government will pay paddy bonus to farmers. After which Chief Minister Raman Singh announced the bonus for the year 2016-17.

which he said would cost Rs 2,100 crore. He also said the bonus for the current financial year will be given during vikas yatra organised next year.

He also thanked Prime Minister Narendra Modi who he said that was very sensitive to the condition of farmers in the state, also BJP president Amit Shah and other senior BJP leaders.

The opposition parties and some farmer organisations who are opposing government policies have responded and shared there sceptical views on this by saying that government had promised earlier that it will provide paddy bonus to farmers every year not when it is needed. Government is agreed on paddy bonus just to shine their political interest.

Government will soon start distributing amount  of paddy bonus to the farmers directly.

Smriti irani and amit shah takes rajyasabha MP oath

Smriti irani and amit shah takes rajyasabha MP oath

Union Minister and former HRD minister Smriti Irani and BJP president Amit Shah took oath as members of the Rajya Sabha on Friday, Amit Shah chosen Hindi for his oath ceremony while on Union Minister had given speech in Sanskrit. After winning high voltage drama ran election for Rajya Sabha in Gujarat both the leaders has proved that BJP is still  ahead when it comes to the strongest party in the country.

BJP also tried to cover third rajyasabha seat by announcing new nominee against Congress leader Ahmed Patel who is one of the big face for congress in Gujarat.

This is the first time when Shah became MP of rajyasabha while on Smriti Irani will hold her chair in Rajya Sabha second time after she became Rajya Sabha member in 2011 for first time from Gujarat seat.

The oath ceremony was organised in cabin of Rajya Sabha speaker and Vice president Venkaiah Naidu within watch of Administration. Both Amit Shah and Smriti irani was acclaimed by senior BJP leader and Finance Minister Arun Jaitley on their win along with Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj, parliamentary Affairs Minister Ananth Kumar, Food Minister Ram Vilas Paswan with Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad, among others was present at the oath ceremony.

After the oath ceremony Amit Shah and his wife went to BJP’s senior most leader L.K Advani’s residence to seek his blessings.

Another MP, smriti irani who lost earlier election against Congress including 2004 Lok Sabha election against Kapil sibal of Congress from constituency of Chandni Chowk, Delhi and in 2014 loksabha election against Rahul Gandhi at his land in Amethi, Uttar pradesh, finally won her big battel against Congress which is acclaimed by many BJP leaders as well as PM modi.

Recently Rajya Sabha Election held for Gujarat seat where BJP and Congress was fighting for their dignity, While BJP had put Smriti Irani and it’s President Amit Shah in front on the other hand congress got Ahmed Patel from his side, though all three candidate won their election respectively but after full on drama after election day when congress alleged that it’s two MLAs had crossed their vote which must be disqualified.

Shah on tamil nadu visit, backward class will be discussion topic

Shah on tamil nadu visit, backward class will be discussion topic

In middle of political drama in Tamil nadu, BJP president Amit Shah is planning to meet leaders who represent Backward and the most Backward class in the state. His meeting to these leaders may take place on 22nd august as per information passed from sources. On this meeting he will address to all leader for making strategy to increase the party’s strength in the state. The venue of this meeting is also decided as Chennai. Also Shah will take up question and ideas regarding party’s further plan for the state.

The move is said to be in the backdrop of center’s recent constitutional amendment Bill in which providing Constitutional status to The National Commission of Backward Classes taken place. It is also now with the Rajya sabha select Committee while on the other hand the situation of backward classes such as Scheduled Castes, tribes, backward, most backward and other marginalised classes are not going through phase so uplifting these casts is now important issue in Tamil nadu.

Both the main party in state AIADMK and DMK has already started giving main priority to these tribes and casts and put them in first priority list in their manifesto list.though now BJP president is also going to do the same for SCs in the state.

In 2015, Amit Shah visited Tamil nadu state where he met groups of Scheduled Cast in Madurai later on these groups were also called by Prime minister modi and ensured these cast groups that government will take right steps related to development of these cast within State.

One BJP state leader has said that they will replicate the Amit shah’s model to strengthen their booth communities based on Shah’s interaction at BJP office at Nadukuppam. He also added that visit of Shah will make party workers more motivated.

BJP president will also Address the media on 23rd august as per is regular schedule on Tamil nadu visit. Shah will arrive in state on 22nd august and leave for Coimbatore on 23rd august where he will meet some party official then he will leave for delhi on evening of 24th August.

Utkal Express accident- suresh Prabhu is Monitoring the rescue

Utkal Express accident- suresh Prabhu is Monitoring the rescue

Meerut(Uttar pradesh): Due to restoration work is going on on the  deadly accidental site of Utkal Express which took lives of 23 people, all the trains on this line have been cancelled or have been diverted till 6 p.m. Though affected routes are expected to clear at 7 p.m but still restoration and finding of missing people is still going on which seems to last longer than expected.

Northern Railway General Manager R.K Kulshrestha gave statement that he is personally monitoring the relief work at site while on additional General Manager of Northern Railway Manju Gupta is taking care and monitoring the medical assistance work in the hospital.

He further said that Minister of Railway Suresh Prabhu is personally monitoring both the rescue and medical relief work of derailed 18477 Puri – Haridwar Utkal Kalinga Express, while railway authorities has said that it will provide the best possible medical assistance to all injured passenger and all  the possible help to relatives of the injured.

Earlier, Minister of State for Railways Manoj Sinha along with Member Traffic, Railway Board and DG/Health Railway Services took the visit of the site in night to ensure if the proper relief work is going on fast and directed senior railway official to do things as soon as possible to lessens the loss. He also told official to provide the best assistance  passenger and co passengers.

Manju Gupta, Addl. General Manager, Northern Railway along with Senior Doctors is also monitoring all the medical and rescue work on The site  and giving the best medical assistance to injured people who were admitted to hospitals in Meerut and Muzaffarnagar.

Total of 97 passengers have been injured while on 23 people has reported to be deceased in this tragic accident. Out of 97 injured passengers 26 have serious injuries and 71 have simple injuries

Out of 97 injured many have given right treatment and first aid services after then they have been discharged. Injured have been admitted in Meerut and Muzaffarnagar hospitals.

The reason behind this tragic accident is said to be maintenance work of rail track which was going on when train arrived on a track and met this unfortunate accident.

Politics will be farmer and youth centric – Cm yogi

Politics will be farmer and youth centric - Cm yogi

Lucknow: Uttar pradesh chief minister Yogi Adityanath said that Farmers were not the priority of any government since last 15 years but now situation is changing rapidly as new politics will be based on farmer centric and youth centric.

Yogi adityanath reached here in gathering on occasion of certificate distribution under The Rin Mochan yojna where Indian Home Minister Rajnath Singh was also presented.

After the ceremony CM adityanath  addressed the people here saying that State farmers were not the priority list of past many governments which made situation worse from bad for farmers but now UP politics will completely change now state politics will completely based on farmer and youth centric.

He also alleged all the previous government by accusing them saying that previous governments became tool of saude baji.

He further said that many leaders made big building,mension also they construct memorial in their name also politics was full of criminal people but now our government is looking forward to give a clean and good governance.

He also talked about scheme, initiating the waiver of farmers in which loan costing rs 36000 crore to the UP Exchequer and it will be transferred in to farmer’s linked account.

He also said that This is the right of farmers.

Union home minister rajnath singh also lauded the state government for working for farmers he also said that government is working in direction to make income of farmers double by the end of the year 2022.

He also mentioned the menace of stray cattle which made huge loss in corp of farmers. And hoped that CM yogi will come up with solution soon. While on central government has reduced the price of fertilizer in order to make it available for every country farmer when earlier farmers used to get lathis for fertilizer and seeds.

50 farmers also awarded under this scheme by CM yogi. Yogi also said that this time state has made record of wheat purchase. Workforce of farmers in U.P is the highest in number compared to other states also number of the poorest farmers is also highest so government should take necessary steps.