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Paintball Is Dying, It’s Your Fault! – A detail report

Over the years paintball had grown from a few nuts in the woods to millions of players all over the world. The one thing we all have in common is we all love the sport.
Unfortunately, things have changed in the past few years as noted by the veteran player and CXBL All-Star, Kevin Curry. “10 years ago there were 10 speedball fields in Atlantic Canada, today there are 4, with only three being used regularly.”
Curry continued “With regards to one genre of our sport, how did over a fifty percent decline in our available field options happen? The answer is simple: player decline” While Curry is referring specifically to speedball. His observations and insights are symptomatic of the sport as a whole.
The sport has declined in recent years. What will it take to reverse the decline? To answer that question we should try to figure out what it was that made to sport grow.
Players United Like Never Before
Internet forums like PB Nation, and others brought players together from around the world. Players used forums to exchange ideas, sell old gear and argue about what type of paintball is best. Even though there were arguing and flame wars, we all came together to talk about paintball.
Special Ops Paintball was one company that went one step further. They offered customizable markers, a system for international player rankings, prize giveaways, even their own magazine. Spec Ops saw the power in bringing players together, and it worked.  
The online forums turned a group of people playing a game on the fringes of extreme sports together to create a global community that made every player feel like they were part of something bigger than themselves.
The Mega Games and Professional Leagues
Not long ago big games like Hell’s Survivors, Castle Conquest, Invasion of Normandy, Tippmann Challenge, and many more, would be attended by thousands of players, from across the continent. During mega games, the parking area at Skirmish USA was a sea of tents and campers. Seeing thousands of players all eager to get on the field and play was a truly inspiring site.
On top of the mega games, international tournament paintball leagues like the PSP, NPPL, CXBL, NXL, and Millennium Series provided a venue for talented local players to become true paintball professionals. Local players can become international celebrity’s thanks to the media coverage of the leagues making more players want to come out and play.
Once again the power of sport came from the gathering of players. Unfortunately, the pro leagues and mega games have been affected by the economy and have been scaled back. Players have to travel further to play in smaller events.
Economic Factors
The world is a mess economically; people are losing their jobs and homes all over the country. Even countries around the world are going bankrupt. When money is tight recreational activities, like paintball, are always one of the first things that get cut.
There have always been things that need our money more than a recreational activity. There always will be. If you are careful and plan ahead you can always a way to get to the field and shoot some paint pellets.
If you love the game you will always find a way to play. If you don’t have the money to shoot two cases at practice then grab a pump gun and shoot one bag. Ask the field owner if you can ref for half the day in exchange for paint.
Other Sports
One thing that has affected the game is the emergence of airsoft. Paintball has lost some woodsball player participation due to the low cost of airsoft BBs. With cheaper ammunition but still maintaining the thrill and camaraderie of paintball makes airsoft a great choice for some people.
I have played airsoft, and it is a lot of fun. I can’t explain what it is, but for me, there is something missing in airsoft as compared to paintball. It is a great sport but, not quite the same as paintball.
What’s It Going to Take?
What will it take for the sport to survive? For any sport to survive it takes a core group of dedicated players to promote the sport whenever possible and keep new players coming back.
New players are intimidated by fancy guns and flashy gear. It is up to every one of us to make new players feel welcome and comfortable in the field. If we keep the new players coming back, they will bring their friends out; the game will survive and flourish.
Kevin Curry summed up the solution perfectly. “Individuals will once again have to take the bull by the horns. Start organizing games/practices, shepherding players to locations willing to provide facilities and also protecting younger players”
After reading through all of this I think the title may be incorrect. The appropriate statement that must be known by every person who loves the sport is, ‘If paintball is dying, it’s your fault!”
The life and death of the sport we love are up to every one of us. We all have a part to play, and we need to come together again to make our sport flourish.

Priya Varrier’s kissing scene with co-star goesViral

Priya Warrier is the heroine of the audience who has a heartfelt feel for a single ‘wink’. In 2018, Priya Prakash was the most searched Indian in Google search. Priya Warrier has even won the prestigious award. Her wink scene from a movie song was played over and over in Internet. Now her video clip with co actor Roshan is spreading viral over internet and social media. A lip lock scene of Priya Warrier. In the YouTube video, over 1 lakh people watched videos.

Omar Lulu, directed “Oru Adar Love”,  was a big hit with the song “Manikya Malar” and Priya.The movie has already gained lot of attension among public which is yet be released on Feb 14, 2019.

Prior to landing in the movie, Priey received more followers at Instagram. The song from Adar Love is said to have dawned in her career. Warrier is playing the lead role in Bollywood. Priyanka fans were shocked by the look of the Bollywood film. In the glamorous look, Priya is seen in ‘Sridevi Banglaavu’.

Anticancer mechanism revealed by yeast experiment

Okinawa: DNA strands, like shoelaces and long necklaces, may become intertwined and unraveled. During cell division, special enzymes are constantly sorting long and complicated DNA so that DNA does not become entangled. However, in cancer cells, this safety device actively works too much, and the cancer spreads out. Researchers at Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology (OIST) have revealed some of the challenges of how this enzyme works in fission yeast and how we can weaken the function of this enzyme in human cancer Did.

In this study, published in Journal of Biological Chemistry on January 11, 2019, researchers focused on type II DNA topoisomerase (abbreviation Topo II), which is known as a cancer treatment target. Topo II resolves the twist and entanglement of DNA while well recognizing the DNA chain structure which changes in the course of cell division. For cancer cells, the activity of Topo II is enhanced, which accelerates tumor growth. Anti-cancer drugs targeting topo II inhibit the function of this enzyme and inhibit cancer cell replication and cancer spread.

However, Topo II inhibitors do not necessarily bring about sufficient anticancer effect. In order to effectively use inhibitors, it was necessary to elucidate the basic mechanisms of Topo II’s way of working.

“Many researchers are doing topo-II research, but we mainly use human cells and higher eukaryotic cells,” says a researcher belonging to the OISTG 0 cell unit led by Professor Mitsuhiro Yanagida Dr. Yoshihiko Nakazawa who is the lead author of the paper. According to the doctor, the majority of the cell division mechanism of fission yeast has been preserved in humans and experimental manipulations can be done quickly and easily, so we decided to study topo II in fission yeast.

“If we can analyze the activity of Topo II in yeast in a short period of time it will be possible to apply that finding to human cells.Our research shows that yeast is a suitable model for screening of topo II inhibitors and for clinical application It turned out to be an effective way to connect, “Dr. Nakazawa said.

51-Year-Old SBI Staff Commits Suicide

SBI suicide

KOCHI: Clerk committed suicide by jumping from the 10th floor of State Bank of India’s (SBI) office in Ernakulam. Kolancherry NS Jayan(51) an ex-serviceman, committed suicide. The incident happened around 4PM today.

He was the District Secretary of National Confederation of Bank Employees Ernakulam and General Secretary of State Bank Union District Assistant.At 4:00 pm, Jayan was seen talking about mobile and got to the top of the building from the CCTV. Many of those who ran into the incident ran away. The body was moved from the Ernakulam General Hospital to the mortuary.

The official said that there was no problem with his work place. The Police said that the death reason would be evident only after detailed investigation into the mobile phone.The diseased  wife : Viji and son: Ananth (CA student).

Supreme Court to considered all petitions today on Sabarimala Verdict

New Delhi: The Supreme Court will consider all petitions relating to the release of Sabarimala youth. The court is considering retrospective petitions and writ petitions of the Devaswom Board. Earlier it was reported that only review petitions will be considered today.

There are a total of 55 review requests. Furthermore, there is a petition filed by the state government seeking the appointment of the High Court Monitoring Committee and demanding that 23 petitions of the High Court be shifted to the Supreme Court. In the Supreme Court, there are 2 contempt petitions against the accused and others. Chief Justice of India Ranjan Gogoi, Judge Rohinton Nariman, Khanwicker, D. Y The bench comprising Bench, Chandrachood and Indumal Khatra, will consider these petitions.

Members of Congress matched to criminal mugshots by Amazon’s Facial recognition


The ACLU ( American Civil Liberties Union ) recently tested the accuracy of  Amazon’s Facial recognition API. Amazon’s Facial recognition is tested by the United States police for finding the criminals. As a part of testing the system, ACLU scanned 25,000 public mugshots against 535 Congress members. Unfortunately, the result was astonishing as the system 28 false matches of which none of them were in mugshot lineup.


“An identification — whether accurate or not — could cost people their freedom or even their lives,” the Congress group stated in response to this false match.

Initially, the system is being used by some Law enforcement agencies and Orlando police for real-time face recognition. The entire system was provided to at a low cost of $12 through Amazon Web Services. The pilot run by Orlando Police has expired,  but the depart still continue using it.

The latest experiment conducted by ACLU was planned to a partnership Rekognition with Washinton County Sheriff’s Department. The false match now puts ACLU to rethink their decision to adopt the Amazon Face recognition system

Google docs now comes with inbuilt grammar checker

Finally, Google decided to add the most awaiting feature to its Google Docs application. Google Docs now comes with an inbuilt grammar checker which learn uses the machine learning techniques to help its users. There are many web browsers extensions currently in the market which provides the same services. Users need to pay for most of the extensions to use the grammar check functionalities.

Google docs Grammar checker

Source: Google

Google machine learning technology has already reached the levels of human accuracy, thus we can expect the same brilliance with the new Google docs update too. The new functionality will be capable of assisting its users from choosing the right word ( eg “effect” and “affect”).

The grammar check will be initially available for its business users and gradually roll out to its consumer users. Google has not revealed when exactly this will open to the consumer users but it launches to business users today.

Gmail Autocomplete

Source: Google

In addition to this, Google is also planning to introduce smart compose option to its Gmail users in coming months. Last may the Gmail has started the experimental feature of autocomplete of sentences to its business users. This service will be soon available for Googles G suite users.

Source: Google


” Thullikku oru kudam pemary ” – Flooding in Kerala

Malappuram: “Thullikku Oru Kudam Pemari” – ( Malayalam proverb which means   – one drop of rainwater is sufficient to fill one pot )) Kerala has seen the worst flooding after  Flooding 99.  This flooding is known as  ” flooding 99″ because it happened in Malayalam year 1099, ( 1919 ).  Flooding 99 was worst because, even Munnar, the palace blessed with natural beauty which is located at a height around 6000 feet was also hit by this flooding.

The death toll has raised to 89 within the span of 45 days and a loss of material worth 192 crore rupees was reported.  The districts of   Ernakulam, Kottayam, Idukki & Trichur was badly hit by the rain. Many places had landslides.  Road and rail transportation was badly disturbed.

Kerala Flood

All the dams are filled and rivers are flowing with full fury.  The State Police, Fire force, and even the armed forces are engaged in rescue and helping the diseased.  Around 200 relief camps are operated and around 41000 people are shifted to rescue homes.

The places from Munnar to Kuttanad isolated.

Alapuzha – 25000 people were moved to the relief camp.  Around 50000 people were in trouble due to the heavy rain.  77 houses were damaged partially.

Kottayam – 8577 people were shifted to 104 relief camp.   60 people were rescued from Ettumanoor.

Ernakulam – 4681 people from 1489 families are in relief camps. The dead body of 4 months old elephant calf was found floating near Karumalur bridge.

Pathanamthitta – 64 relief camps are operated and 1628 people from 334 families are shited.

Idukki – Landslide at Vazhathope panchayat.   Many houses were damaged due to cyclone at Naissery,  Karimannur, and Peringassery.   No casualties were reported yet.   Road transportation could not be restored in NH 183.

The districts of Kottayam,  Idukki,  Ernakulam,   Palakkad, and Malappuram received more rain than the normal were as Thrissur and Kasarahode reported less than the normal.

Kerala has received rainfall of 1327.6 mm against the normal of 1096.7, which is 21% more in 2018.  Let us have a quick look at the rain received at different places from 0 June to 18 July 2018 :


District 2018 rainfall ( mm ) normal  ( mm ) more / less
Trivandrum 484.1 481.4 1%
Kollam 811.4 699.5 16%
Kottayam 1507 1025 47%
Pathanamthitta 1034.6 898.1 15%
Alapuzha 1023.2 929.7 10%
Idukki 1639.5 1124.3 46%
Ernakulam 1576.9 1113.1 42%
Thrissur 1154.3 1187.7 -3%
Palakkad 1221.1 827 48%
Malappuram 1429.4 1147.2 25%
Kozhikode 1742.3 1478.3 18%
Kannur 1587.8 1510.7 5%
Kasaragod 1439.7 1660.8 -14%
Wayanad 1581.6 1381.9 14%

Source – Wheather Forecast Centre Trivandrum



Amazon now deliver packages to 11,562 feet up in the Himalayas

LEH, India – Amazon began offering doorstep delivery to its customers to the top of the world. Leh, the highest point in the world now started receiving its orders from e-commerce site Amazon with the help of Incredible Himalayas.

A plane carrying 16 to 21 bags from Amazon arrives from Delhi which then delivered with the help of its local partner, Incredible Himalayas.

Amaozon Delivers to Himalayas

Leh is geographically located to near to Tibet with a population of 30,000 residents. The couriers usually use motorcycles and scooter to deliver their packages. During winter they use four-wheel vehicles to deliver due to heavy winter.

Amazon has monks and local soldiers as their big customers who regularly order things as per their need. This great step by Amazon is part of winning the Indian battleground with Flipkart. Amazon will make less profit out its customers from Leh, as it is more expensive to deliver via planes. But the company will compensate its expenses from the profit made from dense urban areas of Mumbai and Delhi.

Source: NYTimes

Study charts sold to govt schools at 500 times the actual rate

Bhopal: A financial irregularity with regard to study charts for primary and middle wing has come to light as these were being sold to the government schools at a rate higher than the actual rate. The chart that comes for just Rs5 is being sold in schools at more thanRs500. According to sources, neither are records being maintained with the school education department nor any receipt is being provided to the schools.Even though local authorities are trying to resolve the matter,there are still some districts where these study charts are being sold at an arbitrary rate to schools.Notably, there is a set of 14charts that are distributed to the schools. These include symbols off lags of different countries, alpha-bets and letters in Hindi and English, photos of various water sources, symbols of food grain,vegetables, fruits, etc.The entire stock of these charts is available at Block Resource Coordinator (BRC) office and were being distributed to the schools via Jan Shikshaks. These charts are meant for study purpose of students in primary and middle wing. It includes graphics and symbols to make studies interesting for the children. With attractive images and some information,these study charts are sent to the schools every year. However, the monetary scam in terms of the payment received against distribution of these charts has been unearthed.District education officer Dharmendra Sharma said, “We received a complaint some days ago that this irregularity was going on. Necessary action has been initiated against those responsible.”

Australian deputy prime minister resigns after caught up in sex scandal

Deputy Prime minister- Australia

Barnaby Joyce, Australia’s deputy prime minister resigned on Friday after being undermined by a sex scandal.  Barnaby, the leader of the rural-based Nationals Party, told in a media event to reporters that a sexual harassment complaint against him that have emerged publicly, have convinced him that his position was politically indefensible.

A lot of cases, like Harvey Weinstein and other politicians sex scandals exposed in past, have triggered a ban on sex between government ministers and their personal staff and a national debate over exposing politicians’ bedroom behavior.

The complaint was adding on to the pressure that Joyce had an extramarital relationship with his former press secretary had and are expecting a baby. This was a revealed three weeks ago

Barnaby has been considered as ruddy-faced and an unconventional politician leader, who once threatened Johnny Depp to euthanize (kill with injection) his pet dogs for entering in Australia without permission.

Joyce had always presented himself as a family man devoted to his spouse with 4 daughters in 24 years of marriage.

The rumors widespread that before having an affair with this woman she was a journalist and once the affair started, she joined Joyce’s political staff.

Joyce is 50-year-old having an affair with a 33-year-old woman. The newspaper published pictures of a woman pregnant walking down the streets with a baby bump.

Joyce tried to support rally that politician’s lives should remain private and media should not pry into the individual’s personal life.

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, was shocked at Joyce’s behavior because Joyce introduced a rule prohibiting sexual relations between ministers and their personal staff, a decision that became prime agenda into the global #MeToo movement.

Deputy Prime minister- Australia

    Deputy Prime minister- Australia

Joyce seemed determined to keep his position and said he’s innocent with three weeks of negative publicity and open tension with Malcolm Turnbull.

But a woman had complained against Joyce to the Nationals Party, which is in a pact with the Liberal Party, that he had sexually harassed her led Joyce to resign. However, the woman name and identity are unknown.

Credits: washingtonpost

Google AI can now write Wikipedia articles by itself


The team behind the Google AI (Artificial Intelligence) bot revealed that their new software application is a capable generating article like Wikipedia. The software is capable of summaries an article by collecting pieces of information and images related to a topic from the internet.

A paper presented at ICLR (International Conference on Learning Representations) states that it is really a difficult task to summarize an article based on the information collected from the online resources. There are many top MNC’s investing a lot of time and money developing software which can summarize on its own. Salesforce could train its software to collect information’s and present it in a nutshell which is not so easy.

One major problem with AI generated sentences is it is short and simple than how humans do. Google AI perform slightly better in this problem as it could write longer sentences.

The below image is an example to show the difference between AI bot generated summary and Wikipedia page. The paragraph shown in left is an AI generated one and the right one is taken from Wikipedia page.

Google AI

The AI generated sentences are difficult to read as it lacks capital letters, grammar, and formation. Overall, we should still appreciate its work as it is still human-readable. The summarization done by AI is much longer than that of Wikipedia page, but with continuous improvement one day it can reach the same level.

The software uses an abstractive model where long sentences are broken into shorter one and summarize it. The software currently searches only for the top 10 search list from the internet to write on a topic. Thus, the credibility of writing which the AI does completely depends on the how accurate the contents of the top 10 web pages which it refers.

The team behind this great achievement of Google AI said we still have a long way to go in the development of AI and they are continuously working on it.

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