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Members of Congress matched to criminal mugshots by Amazon’s Facial recognition


The ACLU ( American Civil Liberties Union ) recently tested the accuracy of  Amazon’s Facial recognition API. Amazon’s Facial recognition is tested by the United States police for finding the criminals. As a part of testing the system, ACLU scanned 25,000 public mugshots against 535 Congress members. Unfortunately, the result was astonishing as the system 28 false matches of which none of them were in mugshot lineup.


“An identification — whether accurate or not — could cost people their freedom or even their lives,” the Congress group stated in response to this false match.

Initially, the system is being used by some Law enforcement agencies and Orlando police for real-time face recognition. The entire system was provided to at a low cost of $12 through Amazon Web Services. The pilot run by Orlando Police has expired,  but the depart still continue using it.

The latest experiment conducted by ACLU was planned to a partnership Rekognition with Washinton County Sheriff’s Department. The false match now puts ACLU to rethink their decision to adopt the Amazon Face recognition system

Google docs now comes with inbuilt grammar checker

Finally, Google decided to add the most awaiting feature to its Google Docs application. Google Docs now comes with an inbuilt grammar checker which learn uses the machine learning techniques to help its users. There are many web browsers extensions currently in the market which provides the same services. Users need to pay for most of the extensions to use the grammar check functionalities.

Google docs Grammar checker

Source: Google

Google machine learning technology has already reached the levels of human accuracy, thus we can expect the same brilliance with the new Google docs update too. The new functionality will be capable of assisting its users from choosing the right word ( eg “effect” and “affect”).

The grammar check will be initially available for its business users and gradually roll out to its consumer users. Google has not revealed when exactly this will open to the consumer users but it launches to business users today.

Gmail Autocomplete

Source: Google

In addition to this, Google is also planning to introduce smart compose option to its Gmail users in coming months. Last may the Gmail has started the experimental feature of autocomplete of sentences to its business users. This service will be soon available for Googles G suite users.

Source: Google


Amazon now deliver packages to 11,562 feet up in the Himalayas

LEH, India – Amazon began offering doorstep delivery to its customers to the top of the world. Leh, the highest point in the world now started receiving its orders from e-commerce site Amazon with the help of Incredible Himalayas.

A plane carrying 16 to 21 bags from Amazon arrives from Delhi which then delivered with the help of its local partner, Incredible Himalayas.

Amaozon Delivers to Himalayas

Leh is geographically located to near to Tibet with a population of 30,000 residents. The couriers usually use motorcycles and scooter to deliver their packages. During winter they use four-wheel vehicles to deliver due to heavy winter.

Amazon has monks and local soldiers as their big customers who regularly order things as per their need. This great step by Amazon is part of winning the Indian battleground with Flipkart. Amazon will make less profit out its customers from Leh, as it is more expensive to deliver via planes. But the company will compensate its expenses from the profit made from dense urban areas of Mumbai and Delhi.

Source: NYTimes

Study charts sold to govt schools at 500 times the actual rate

Bhopal: A financial irregularity with regard to study charts for primary and middle wing has come to light as these were being sold to the government schools at a rate higher than the actual rate. The chart that comes for just Rs5 is being sold in schools at more thanRs500. According to sources, neither are records being maintained with the school education department nor any receipt is being provided to the schools.Even though local authorities are trying to resolve the matter,there are still some districts where these study charts are being sold at an arbitrary rate to schools.Notably, there is a set of 14charts that are distributed to the schools. These include symbols off lags of different countries, alpha-bets and letters in Hindi and English, photos of various water sources, symbols of food grain,vegetables, fruits, etc.The entire stock of these charts is available at Block Resource Coordinator (BRC) office and were being distributed to the schools via Jan Shikshaks. These charts are meant for study purpose of students in primary and middle wing. It includes graphics and symbols to make studies interesting for the children. With attractive images and some information,these study charts are sent to the schools every year. However, the monetary scam in terms of the payment received against distribution of these charts has been unearthed.District education officer Dharmendra Sharma said, “We received a complaint some days ago that this irregularity was going on. Necessary action has been initiated against those responsible.”

Google AI can now write Wikipedia articles by itself


The team behind the Google AI (Artificial Intelligence) bot revealed that their new software application is a capable generating article like Wikipedia. The software is capable of summaries an article by collecting pieces of information and images related to a topic from the internet.

A paper presented at ICLR (International Conference on Learning Representations) states that it is really a difficult task to summarize an article based on the information collected from the online resources. There are many top MNC’s investing a lot of time and money developing software which can summarize on its own. Salesforce could train its software to collect information’s and present it in a nutshell which is not so easy.

One major problem with AI generated sentences is it is short and simple than how humans do. Google AI perform slightly better in this problem as it could write longer sentences.

The below image is an example to show the difference between AI bot generated summary and Wikipedia page. The paragraph shown in left is an AI generated one and the right one is taken from Wikipedia page.

Google AI

The AI generated sentences are difficult to read as it lacks capital letters, grammar, and formation. Overall, we should still appreciate its work as it is still human-readable. The summarization done by AI is much longer than that of Wikipedia page, but with continuous improvement one day it can reach the same level.

The software uses an abstractive model where long sentences are broken into shorter one and summarize it. The software currently searches only for the top 10 search list from the internet to write on a topic. Thus, the credibility of writing which the AI does completely depends on the how accurate the contents of the top 10 web pages which it refers.

The team behind this great achievement of Google AI said we still have a long way to go in the development of AI and they are continuously working on it.

Meditation and yoga best medicine for body and mind

Yoga & Meditation

As we all know that “Health is wealth”. If you have health you have the most precious blessing in the world. There are many ways to get health but yoga and meditation are best for health. It is reported by many people that they get physical and mental health benefits through yoga and meditation.

This is not only stated by the people; it is proved by the researchers also. And a new article which is published in “Frontiers in Human Neuroscience” stated that yoga and meditation have a positive effect on mind and body. They found these results by an experiment which they have done on the participants who practice yoga and meditation for 3-months. And the researchers found that it put the positive effect on (BNDF) signaling, the cortisol awakening response (CAR) and immunological markers. And this also enhanced subjective well-being.

The study examined the participant before and after practicing yoga. And the results show the positive effects of the yoga and meditation on the mental and physical health of the participants. The participants practice meditation daily and also yoga along with vegetarian diet. The researchers also observed the relationship between yoga and meditation with depression and anxiety and the result was the yoga and meditation eliminate the anxiety and depression. The mindfulness is also increased in the participants of this research. These practices play a vital role
in mood regulation, stress response, immunity, inflammation, and metabolism.

Yoga image

Credit: Yoga Journal

The research team said that they have observed in their study that these practices have a positive link to increase flexibility and well-being.“The observed increased BNDF signaling possibly related to enhancing neurogenesis and/or neuroplasticity, increased CAR likely related to enhanced alertness and readiness for mind-body engagement, and increased anti- and pro-inflammatory cytokines possibly indicating enhanced immunological readiness.” Said by Dr. Cahn.

About positive effect of yoga and meditation to reduce depression Dr. Cahn further said: “An intriguing possible link between the effects on BNDF and the CAR is hippocampal functional integrity since increased BNDF levels due to physical exercise has previously been shown to relate with hippocampal neurogenesis and likely relate to its positive effects on well-being and depression.”

So, yoga and meditation both are best for both mental and physical health and it also enhanced flexibility and bring positive effects on people who practice both of these best health exercises.

Source: Science Daily

IPL-Ben Stokes and Mitchell Starc received highest bid


Bengaluru: The Eleventh season of Indian Premier League’s (IPL)auction for the players started off yesterday. According to the report, Ben Stokes received the highest bid of the league. Stocks was bought by Rajasthan Royals for a whopping price of Rs 12.5 crore. Australian batsman Mitchell Starc also received a huge amount in the auction. Starc was bought by Kolkata Knight Riders for Rs 9.4 crore.

Karun Nair, who got Rs 5.60 crore, was bought by Kings Eleven Punjab. In the meanwhile, none of the clubs has shown interest on West Indies batsman Chris Gayle, who is considered to be the greatest player in Twenty-20 history. The below average performance in past seasons has resulted in a tough time for Gayle this IPL season. A total of 580 players are considered for this year’s IPL auction out of which 219 are foreign players.

Other IPL players details

KL Rahul- Kings XI Punjab (Rs 11 crore)

Shikhar Dhawan- Sunrisers Hyderabad (Rs 5.20 crore) retained by right-match card

R Ashwin- Kings XI Punjab (Rs 7.6 crore)

Kellan Pollard –  Mumbai Indians retained the cash-strapped Indian Premier League (IPL)

Ajinkya Rahane – Rajasthan Royals retained their cash prize of Rs 4 crore

Gautam Gambhir – Delhi Daredevils (Rs 2.8 crore)

Dwayne Bravo – Chennai Super Kings have retained the player

Glenn Maxwell – Delhi Daredevils (Rs 9 crore)

Harbhajan Singh -Chennai Super Kings (Rs 2 crore)

Faf du Plessis and Chennai Super Kings have retained the play

Shakib Al Hasan – Sunrisers Hyderabad (Rs. 2 crores)

No clubs need these IPL players in their team

IPL auction

In the Eleventh season of IPL(Indian Premier League), England’s Ben Stokes turned out to be a valuable star. On the other hand, no team is interested in previous year super player.

The cricket fans were shocked that no one showed interest in bidding on West Indies super batsman Chris Gayle. Royal Challenger Bangalore(RCB) player Chris Gayles price was set to be 2 crore INR.

The clubs did not want to take the bowler Lasith Malinga of Mumbai Indians in previous seasons. He was badly affected by bad form and injuries.

None of the clubs has shown interest on Ishant Sharma, who is in Kolkata Knight Riders.Pragyan Ojha, Parthiv Patel, and Murali Vijay are other Indian players who did not even get any clubs.

There are many superstars who do not get any bid after Gayle. New Zealand’s hunter Martin Guptill and Australian all-rounder James Faulkner are few among them. England’s Joe Root one of the best batsmen in recent cricket not considered by any clubs.

Josh Hazelwood, Mitchell Johnson, Sam Billings and Jonny Bairstow were disappointed at the auction on day one. According to the report, clubs will come forward to buy them on coming auction days.

The auction consists of 580 players including 361 Indians. Of these, 16 players are included in the top list with a base price of 2 crores. Marquee players are the top players in the auction. Each of the teams can buy a minimum of 18 players and a maximum of 25 players.

The auction will be held in Bangalore yesterday and today. After a two-year ban, Chennai Super Kings and Rajasthan Royals will come back this season.

Bigger Honey bee colonies have quite combs than smaller ones


It is a common a belief that as bee colonies getter bigger, more the bees buzzing sound. But the latest study conducted by researchers from Cornell University reports that bigger honey bee colonies make less noise than smaller ones.

Michael Smith, from Cornell University, says, “The surprising result was that—and at first I thought something must be wrong—when there are more bees on the comb, the vibrations are actually reduced”.

Studies reveal that bees vibrate to communicate with other bees among its colonies. They perform a waggle dance to pass the message among the comb regarding the location of flowers. Queen bees also use the same way of dance vibrations to communicate with other queens. But to convey the message vibrations efficiently, the noise in the comb should be reduced.

To study the exact noise level, Smith with the help Po-Cheng Chen who built chips to measure vibrations in three dimensions using an accelerometer. The chip can absorb 800 samples of vibration in one by eight of a second.

Chen and Smith then placed the chip near a comb with different colony size, such as entire colony, half colony etc. They even performed the same studies with an entire colony at different times of a day. The number of bees in and out of a comb varies at a different time a day.



Source: Time Magazine

Smith also tested whether combined weight of bees reduces the comb vibration. Plain sheet wiggles more than a piece of paper with paper clips. For this, he added some dead bees to comb to see how it has any effect on vibration. From the detailed research, Smith says the additional bees “had absolutely no effect whatsoever on the comb vibrations, which showed us that the bees are actually doing something to damp these vibrations,”

The research shows that the superorganism such as bees, ants can overcome the physical obstacles in their own ways. The National Science Foundation, the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, and the Garden Club of America funded the work.

Source: Cornell University

Research paper: DOI: 10.1007/s00265-017-2399-9

Padmaavat on Facebook live- over 17,000 people seen

The most anticipated and controversial film Padmaavat released on Jan 25th all over the world. The movie directed by Sanjay Bansal portrait the story of Rajput queen Padmavathi. Deepika Padukone, Ranveer Singh, and Shahid Kapoor play the lead cast in the film. Deepika Padukone plays the role of Queen Padmavathi.

Few multiplex owners from 4 different states have pulled out the movie due to the violence going on in the movie. But within hours of the release, the movie went line on Facebook. The movie has been live on Facebook and has seen by more than 17,000 people.

Since the movie has gone live on social media on the first day of release, it will impact the collection in a negative way. As per the report, the production team reported the Facebook to tackle the sharing of videos further among the users. In recent time, many highly anticipated movies have gone live on Facebook. Reports shows, Facebook has zero tolerance to those pages and account which spread such contents online.

Facebook acquires – an ID verification startup.

Facebook Inc is acquiring Boston based software company – which specializes in authenticating government-issued identification cards, the two companies said on Tuesday. The software helps to understand more about who purchases the ads on its network.

Recently the US. lawmakers expressed their fear on Facebook’s limited source to track its advertisement buyers. Social media advertisements influence the election-related campaigns in a huge way., a Boston based privately held company shared this news through their official website. The acquisition will take three years to integrate this technology with Facebook to keep its users safe.

Facebook through its official website confirms “technology and expertise will support our ongoing efforts to keep our community safe.”

As per the report shared by Reuters, Confirm Inc employees will continue their operations from Facebook Boston office. Terms and conditions of this acquisition are yet to be revealed.

Facebook has earlier suspected Russian agents had been paying to influence the electorate during 2016 presidential election. As a precaution to these activities, Facebook has decided to have more hold on its advertisement buyer’s identity.

The company later said it would begin requiring organizations running election-related ads to confirm their identities.

With a Facebook page and credit card, an advertiser can purchase the ads as per his wish. The social media giant has more than 6 million advertisers all over the world. says that its technology will ask for proof of identity for online transactions made by the users which could bring down fraudulent activities.

Source: Reuters

Blinking dead stars to chart way for Space Station

Space Station

An experiment by International Space Station demonstrated that blinking dead stars can help on charting the path for Spaceships. During a meeting of the American Astronomical Society, researchers with the SEXTANT (Station Explorer for X-ray Timing and Navigation Technology experiment, SEXTANT) reported this experiment. The technique works like a GPS.

Pulsars are another name for Dead stars. They emit beams of radiation that regularly sweeps past our Earth like a lighthouse. Tackling these radiation beams help the space station to find its exact location in the space. This works like how GPS uses the satellite signals to determine your position of your mobile device. Thus, a space station no longer needed to rely on radio telescope communication to determine its coordinates. Radio telescope communication gradually gets inaccurate as the spaceship move from earth.


Dead Stars


With the help of 52 X-ray telescopes SEXTANT measure the signals from five pulsars. Astronomer Keith Gendreau of NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Md., reported that with the help of these signals, researchers were able to locate SEXTANT’s position.

On Earth, knowing your location within 10 kilometers isn’t that impressive — GPS can do much better. But “if you’re going out to Pluto, there is no GPS navigation system,” Gendreau said. Thus, when we travel far from earth pulsar navigation will help us to estimate the positions with less effort and high accuracy.

Credits: Science News