Couples are postponing wedlock’s,because they are expensive.


Couples of 5000 people were surveyed in the U.S., and almost all delayed the wedlock or getting hitched because of the extra cost incurs.

As per James Ellen website, allow the couple to design the wedding ring in countries like U.S., Australia, Great Britain, London, Hong Kong, and across the world.

They offer free shipping worldwide and 24×7 customer support. James Ellen is the loose diamond retailer and claims that many people have delayed their marriage to last two years.

They claim to marry is a big financial burden, which has got tougher to bear over a decade. From proposal for/of the agreement, ring and other cost have increased in past.

Splitting the cost of the ring is also trending more, the percentage of couples that choose to do so nearly doubled over the past ten years –increased up to 9 percent.



The average cost of a proposal, excluding ring, jumped up from $271 to $452.

The U.S is embracing the tradition, of people who asked permission from their spouse’s parents has nearly doubled in the last decade – changing from 30 percent to 64 percent.


Co-Founder and President, of  Oded Edelman says- A decade ago, proposals and engagements weren’t planned as they are today, cost saving is done meticulously today than old days.

Photography, presentation, decoration, and ring were not personalized as they are today. Even engagement patterns are changing now a day. 33 percent of couples engaged over last year involved a photographer for the big moment, unlike a decade ago, where engagement, moneywise was a small-scale ceremony.



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