Google AI can now write Wikipedia articles by itself


The team behind the Google AI (Artificial Intelligence) bot revealed that their new software application is a capable generating article like Wikipedia. The software is capable of summaries an article by collecting pieces of information and images related to a topic from the internet.

A paper presented at ICLR (International Conference on Learning Representations) states that it is really a difficult task to summarize an article based on the information collected from the online resources. There are many top MNC’s investing a lot of time and money developing software which can summarize on its own. Salesforce could train its software to collect information’s and present it in a nutshell which is not so easy.

One major problem with AI generated sentences is it is short and simple than how humans do. Google AI perform slightly better in this problem as it could write longer sentences.

The below image is an example to show the difference between AI bot generated summary and Wikipedia page. The paragraph shown in left is an AI generated one and the right one is taken from Wikipedia page.

Google AI

The AI generated sentences are difficult to read as it lacks capital letters, grammar, and formation. Overall, we should still appreciate its work as it is still human-readable. The summarization done by AI is much longer than that of Wikipedia page, but with continuous improvement one day it can reach the same level.

The software uses an abstractive model where long sentences are broken into shorter one and summarize it. The software currently searches only for the top 10 search list from the internet to write on a topic. Thus, the credibility of writing which the AI does completely depends on the how accurate the contents of the top 10 web pages which it refers.

The team behind this great achievement of Google AI said we still have a long way to go in the development of AI and they are continuously working on it.

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