Google docs now comes with inbuilt grammar checker

Finally, Google decided to add the most awaiting feature to its Google Docs application. Google Docs now comes with an inbuilt grammar checker which learn uses the machine learning techniques to help its users. There are many web browsers extensions currently in the market which provides the same services. Users need to pay for most of the extensions to use the grammar check functionalities.

Google docs Grammar checker

Source: Google

Google machine learning technology has already reached the levels of human accuracy, thus we can expect the same brilliance with the new Google docs update too. The new functionality will be capable of assisting its users from choosing the right word ( eg “effect” and “affect”).

The grammar check will be initially available for its business users and gradually roll out to its consumer users. Google has not revealed when exactly this will open to the consumer users but it launches to business users today.

Gmail Autocomplete

Source: Google

In addition to this, Google is also planning to introduce smart compose option to its Gmail users in coming months. Last may the Gmail has started the experimental feature of autocomplete of sentences to its business users. This service will be soon available for Googles G suite users.

Source: Google


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