Study charts sold to govt schools at 500 times the actual rate

Bhopal: A financial irregularity with regard to study charts for primary and middle wing has come to light as these were being sold to the government schools at a rate higher than the actual rate. The chart that comes for just Rs5 is being sold in schools at more thanRs500. According to sources, neither are records being maintained with the school education department nor any receipt is being provided to the schools.Even though local authorities are trying to resolve the matter,there are still some districts where these study charts are being sold at an arbitrary rate to schools.Notably, there is a set of 14charts that are distributed to the schools. These include symbols off lags of different countries, alpha-bets and letters in Hindi and English, photos of various water sources, symbols of food grain,vegetables, fruits, etc.The entire stock of these charts is available at Block Resource Coordinator (BRC) office and were being distributed to the schools via Jan Shikshaks. These charts are meant for study purpose of students in primary and middle wing. It includes graphics and symbols to make studies interesting for the children. With attractive images and some information,these study charts are sent to the schools every year. However, the monetary scam in terms of the payment received against distribution of these charts has been unearthed.District education officer Dharmendra Sharma said, “We received a complaint some days ago that this irregularity was going on. Necessary action has been initiated against those responsible.”

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