Supreme Court to considered all petitions today on Sabarimala Verdict

New Delhi: The Supreme Court will consider all petitions relating to the release of Sabarimala youth. The court is considering retrospective petitions and writ petitions of the Devaswom Board. Earlier it was reported that only review petitions will be considered today.

There are a total of 55 review requests. Furthermore, there is a petition filed by the state government seeking the appointment of the High Court Monitoring Committee and demanding that 23 petitions of the High Court be shifted to the Supreme Court. In the Supreme Court, there are 2 contempt petitions against the accused and others. Chief Justice of India Ranjan Gogoi, Judge Rohinton Nariman, Khanwicker, D. Y The bench comprising Bench, Chandrachood and Indumal Khatra, will consider these petitions.

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