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Meditation and yoga best medicine for body and mind

Yoga & Meditation

As we all know that “Health is wealth”. If you have health you have the most precious blessing in the world. There are many ways to get health but yoga and meditation are best for health. It is reported by many people that they get physical and mental health benefits through yoga and meditation.

This is not only stated by the people; it is proved by the researchers also. And a new article which is published in “Frontiers in Human Neuroscience” stated that yoga and meditation have a positive effect on mind and body. They found these results by an experiment which they have done on the participants who practice yoga and meditation for 3-months. And the researchers found that it put the positive effect on (BNDF) signaling, the cortisol awakening response (CAR) and immunological markers. And this also enhanced subjective well-being.

The study examined the participant before and after practicing yoga. And the results show the positive effects of the yoga and meditation on the mental and physical health of the participants. The participants practice meditation daily and also yoga along with vegetarian diet. The researchers also observed the relationship between yoga and meditation with depression and anxiety and the result was the yoga and meditation eliminate the anxiety and depression. The mindfulness is also increased in the participants of this research. These practices play a vital role
in mood regulation, stress response, immunity, inflammation, and metabolism.

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Credit: Yoga Journal

The research team said that they have observed in their study that these practices have a positive link to increase flexibility and well-being.“The observed increased BNDF signaling possibly related to enhancing neurogenesis and/or neuroplasticity, increased CAR likely related to enhanced alertness and readiness for mind-body engagement, and increased anti- and pro-inflammatory cytokines possibly indicating enhanced immunological readiness.” Said by Dr. Cahn.

About positive effect of yoga and meditation to reduce depression Dr. Cahn further said: “An intriguing possible link between the effects on BNDF and the CAR is hippocampal functional integrity since increased BNDF levels due to physical exercise has previously been shown to relate with hippocampal neurogenesis and likely relate to its positive effects on well-being and depression.”

So, yoga and meditation both are best for both mental and physical health and it also enhanced flexibility and bring positive effects on people who practice both of these best health exercises.

Source: Science Daily

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