U.K Indian high commission launches access india programme for SMEs

U.K Indian high commission launches access india programme for SMEs

India’s High Commissioner YK Sinha, Yesterday launched the Access India Programme, in London which will provide small British businesses with a free and complete roadmap for investment, ranging from legal, taxation, accounting and ministerial advice for companies wishing to make the plunge.

In short  this programme will allow UK businesses to bypass Brussels’ blocking tactics by making it easy to trade without a formal Free Trade Agreement.

Indian Ambassador to UK YK Sinha said that the SME (small to medium enterprise) sector in the UK is very excellent and vibrant and this programme will provide them the hand-holding they would need to access India.

The scheme will be operated along with the UK-India Business Council which includes six annual workshops and mentoring starts with 50 firms.

Talking about International footprint of SME High commissioner Dinesh K Patnaik said that
Only one in five of Britain’s SME’s have an international footprint. Also we want to move from the UK having a slow burning love affair with India to making the process more rapid and help UK SMEs find the right way to reach India.

He further added that every product  that is made in the UK has a potential to be sold in India, because its market is so huge at worldwide as well as in India than Why aren’t more British SME’s going out there? It’s because they’re risk averse and have a lack of Information.

Patnaik also said that India will not charge anything. It is a facilitation programme and want to make sure that SMEs (small to medium enterprises)  without the deep pockets and battery of legal experts at the disposal of bigger companies, are able to access the Indian market.

Last night CEO Richard Heald also said that This issue is all part and parcel of a jigsaw puzzle which will result in a better trading relationship with India for UK.

He further more added that the relationship between UK and India is already very strong. What we are looking for is to increase boots on the ground which is a part and parcel of the whole mood music that will facilitate a comprehensive trading agreement after Brexit.

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