Virtual Reality with Magnetic Skin Sensor

Magnetic sensor

Leibniz Institute for Solid State and Materials Research(IFW) and Johannes Kepler University Lin(JKU) have developed a magnetic sensor which is extremely thin and can be worn on the skin. People are very familiar with “augmented reality”: a computer-generated virtual reality with the success of Pokémon Go game. The electronic magnetic sensor will enable touchless manipulation of both physical and virtual objects.

At first glance, the glossy little gold bracelets looked like a modern tattoo. But in this very thin and invisible like foil that sticks to the palm like a second skin. The magnetic fields provide a feeling of “Sixth sense” with the help of sensors. These sensors enable people to access not only the physical world but also merely embedded with emotions, such as how a smartphone and control day to day objects.

Magnetic Sensor

Source: HZDR

For the first time, physicist and his team –  Prof. Oliver G. Schmidt at IFW Dresden and Prof. Martin Kaltenbrunner in the Soft Electronics Laboratory at JKU Linz -demonstrated that the magnetic field sensors can identify and process body movement in a room with a stable magnet. “Our electronic skin traces the movement of a hand, for example, by changing its position with respect to the external magnetic field of a permanent magnet,” explains Cañón Bermúdez of HZDR, the lead author of the study. “This not only means that we can digitize its rotations and translate them to the virtual world but also even influence objects there.” Using this technique, the researchers managed to control a virtual light bulb on a computer screen in a touchless way.

Source: HZDR

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